Turtle Point 


At Turtle Point, the serenity and beauty of nature is on full display. This retreat-style facility is set on 800 acres of wooded land, with 30 acres of manicured grounds and 40 cabins for guests. Turtle Point is an all-inclusive vacation facility, so guests do not need to worry about extra fees or hidden costs for meals, activities, and entertainment. You can choose from a variety of cabin options, from cozy one-bedroom cabins to three-bedroom cabins that sleep as many as eight people.

Turtle Point is a 1,000 acre wildlife preserve run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It contains 500 acres of marshland, creeks, and ponds and 500 acres of uplands, with trails meandering through the property. Visitors may view numerous species of birds and fish at the lake, as well as deer, armadillo, raccoon, skunks, quail, rabbits, and coyotes. The park’s many trails offer ample opportunities to view native flora and fauna, and the park also contains numerous small ponds and waterways that attract a variety of birds and other wildlife.

Turtle Point, in Killeen area is home to many of the Texas Army National Guard’s CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) units. The units are responsible for responding to incidents involving hazardous material or other bioterrorism threats, as well as responding to natural disasters such as tornadoes and floods. During the Cold War, Turtle Point and Fort Hood were collectively known as “Chemical Corps Base, Killeen,” and thousands of soldiers lived there, including such notable figures as Patton and MacArthur.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Fort Hood, Texas, then you’ve probably heard of the tiny town, Turtle Point. Home to just over 450 people, Turtle Point is quite the tourist destination. People come from all over to visit the quaint town with its quirky name, as well as to visit its historical military landmark, The Operating Theater. The operating theater, which used to service the Fort Hood Army base, is now open to the public, and is even home to an annual reenactment of the Battle of Waco.

Turtle Point is a kid’s park that was created in 1995 by the City of Killeen, Texas. It covers 14 acres of land and has five main structures, including a mini campsite, a miniature golf course, a water fountain, a play set, and a sand play area. The park’s location sits right across from Killeen’s historic downtown district, along a stretch of North Fort Hood Blvd. that is home to a variety of restaurants, shops, and stores, as well as a movie theater. It’s easy to see why Turtle Point is one of the most popular destinations for families with kids in Killeen, and it’s open 365 days a year.

Turtle Point is a small community of upscale homes on Flying Point Beach in Killeen, Texas. The homes here were designed and built by one of the top builders in Texas in the 1990’s, and they have sweeping, panoramic views of the lake. Turtle Point has many amenities including tennis courts, a fitness center, boat docks, and 24-hour security.