National Mounted Warrior Museum 


The National Mounted Warrior Museum is located at Fort Hood, Texas. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the country devoted to Horses. The Museum has its own stables with over 100 horses on site. Therefore, it is a must-visit place for anyone who loves Horses or is interested in Military History.

The National Mounted Warrior Museum is located in the Old Post Hospital at Fort Hood and is one of the most unique museums you will ever visit. Covering the role of mounted cavalry in military history, visitors can see exhibits about how cavalry soldiers have played an important role in many wars, from ancient times to present day.

The museum is home to over 250 saddled horses, many of which are used for riding lessons and other equestrian activities. The museum also has replicas of historic vehicles such as Conestoga Wagons and yokes that were used by cavalry troops when they traveled to war.
The National Mounted Warrior Museum is one of the most unique museums in Central Texas. Found within the grounds of Fort Hood, the museum focuses on the history of mounted warriors throughout American military history. The museum houses a large collection of historical uniforms and artifacts from Manned and Unmanned Combatant Vehicle (MUTCV) programs dating back to 1918.

The National Mounted Warrior Museum is located within the grounds of Fort Hood about 10 minutes north of downtown Killeen. For those unfamiliar with Fort Hood, it’s a major Army installation that abuts Interstate Highway 35, approximately 50 miles west of Austin and 150 miles northwest of Dallas. Security at the fort is tight but visitors need only obtain an admission pass for one day or three days for non-military personnel to enter.

Fort Hood is home to the National Mounted Warrior Museum. It’s a place that celebrates, honors and remembers the traditions, history and culture of the mounted soldier. The museum doesn’t have one dedicated space; rather, it operates out of multiple buildings on Fort Hood. The National Mounted Warrior Museum is part of Fort Hood’s Operation Enduring Freedom Legacy program. This program preserves military heritage and honors those who served in Operation Enduring Freedom by giving them a permanent home on Fort Hood.

With more than 20,000 square feet of exhibits, the National Mounted Warrior Museum is an interactive experience for both young and old alike. There are two separate exhibits within the museum: Soldier Stories and Heritage Hall. Both offer visitors an opportunity to learn about mounted soldiers from all over the world – something that’s not typically showcased at most museums or visitor centers. Take some time to explore and discover what you can find at this unique venue!