McNair Village 


McNair Village is a neighborhood of Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. It’s the only true historic village on post since most of the buildings were erected after the World War II era. It is also the best place to get a glimpse of how life was like for soldiers stationed at Fort Hood area during the past.

McNair Village is named after George H. McNair, who was one of the original settlers who moved to this area in 1890s. He was instrumental in building and developing what is now known as McNai Village and became its namesake. The village is spread out over seven blocks with more than 400 historic buildings and almost 500 homes. Most of the housing units are old single-family homes that have been renovated into apartments and condos, but there are some newer properties as well too such as duplexes, triplexes etc.

McNair Village lies on the southwest side of Fort Hood and is home to most of the post’s military family housing. It has its own zip code, HOOD-MSN, and is served by the Hagar Heights Elementary School, which also serves most of northwest Fort Hood. This rural neighborhood is quiet at night and surrounded by nature with lots of trees and wildlife.

McNair Village is not just a village but a small town with many small streets where you can find almost anything you need. It has restaurants, stores, churches, schools, parks and more. Read this article if you want to know more about it.

McNair Village is a small rural community in northern Kaufman County, situated between Dallas and Fort Worth. It was founded around the McNair Ranch and named after the ranch’s original owner. It remains one of the most picturesque, peaceful places in Texas. The area is also home to some fantastic state parks and historical landmarks, which makes it an all-round great place to live if you love outdoor activities, hiking and camping.

McNair Village is a small town just north of Austin, Texas. It has only about 1,000 residents and less than 50 businesses. However, there is a lot to see and do in McNair Village. This article will give you all the information about the town so you can plan your trip if you are ever interested.

McNair is a small town located in Montgomery County, Texas. It has a population of less than 200 people and lies at an elevation of 1,000 feet. The town’s nearest big city is Plano which is 15 km away. The town is named after George McNair who served as the first postmaster of the place in 1894. Today, it serves as home to 26 homes with more than 5 acres of land each for privacy. Due to its seclusion, it is ideal for those who want to live in a homogenous community and raise a family without being bothered by outside activities or having their privacy invaded.