Comanche III Community Garden 


Comanche III Community Garden is a community-based agricultural program that is located near Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. It was established on May 14, 2000 and it has been operating ever since. The garden is a nonprofit organization that provides services to people who live and work in the area. In addition, this community garden gives back to their neighbors by providing fresh produce and education to them.

Comanche III Community Garden specializes in organic vegetable production, but they also provide educational tours for those interested in learning more about horticulture. With its 52 plots and 2 greenhouses, the garden has the capacity to grow more than 50 different types of vegetables on any given day. They use natural growing methods like alley cropping and companion planting which helps them produce more in less time without using any chemicals or artificial lighting.

The Comanche III Community Garden on Fort Hood is the first military community garden on a U.S. Army installation and one of the very few community gardens in existence at any military base. It’s a great addition that provides residents with fresh produce, good nutrition, and the opportunity to grow food in their own backyard. The garden is not only convenient but also provides an excellent source of fresh fruits and vegetables for the community surrounding Fort Hood.

This post gives you all the information you need about this unique community garden right here on Fort Hood! Comanche III Community Garden is located on Fort Hood and is one of the Army’s first community gardens. It was established in 2017 as a new way to connect service members, their families, and guests with healthy food while also providing an opportunity for Soldiers to grow fresh produce in a military-controlled environment.

The Comanche III Community Garden is part of the larger Comanche Family of Gardens which includes the Ochocosantan Community Farm and CCC Farms. The Comanche Family of Gardens encompasses more than 2,500 active duty Soldiers and their family members who are provided with access to farming tools and instruction so they can take care of all aspects of farming operations.

In addition to growing produce for Fort Hood residents and visitors, the Comanchide other community gardens at Fort Hood offer educational programs, activities for children, horticultural therapy opportunities for patients at nearby hospitals, hands-on gardening experiences for service members and their families, summer job opportunities, small business support services and many more benefits to participants who live on or visit base.