Does Insurance Cover Leaky Roofs?

Roof leaks are one of the most tedious and frustrating maintenance work homeowners must deal with sooner or later. 

But when the time comes, the question comes to mind whether the insurance policy that you have can cover the costs. Homeowner’s insurance policy may also include insurance for roofs. 

Roof damage that occurs instantaneously, accidentally and events where the homeowner is not considered at fault for any damage. It comes down to whether the Leaky roofs are the result of a covered event in your policy.

Failure to maintain the roof and other excluded events not specified in the policy will not be valid for claims. In Killeen, Killeen Boom Town Roofing Contractors is the best choice for full service roofing.

When does my insurance cover leaky roofs?

Knowing what are covered events in your insurance policy is paramount when you are preparing or planning for claims so better read up and know what you are getting into. 

Flooding unfortunately does not typically fall under covered events. Homeowner’s insurance policies are usually written with a comprehensive clause. These include coverage for major losses such as fire and smoke, weather related issues, theft and vandalism, theft from automobiles and home and business burglaries.

There is however, no coverage for leaks or damage to waterproofing systems. Homeowners should do their due diligence and be sure to notify their insurance provider of the events that cause leaking roofs as soon as possible as time is of the essence when doing claims. 

Also, you cannot proceed to claim from your insurance if you do not have proper documentation of the events. This is another reason why you need to seek professional help with this issue as their inspection results and certificates would satisfy the requirement for documentation by the insurance company.

Causes of Leaky Roofs

Over time, your roof can develop minor leaks that can be repaired with a little effort. Major roof leaks lead to serious damage and usually require structural or engineering work.

Repair of leaking roofs usually require weeks or even months for certain cases. Leaky roofs can generally be caused by hail, weight of the snow, windstorms, leaking pipes, as well as roof drying-up and becoming brittle which is one of the most common causes of leaking roofs due to heat build-up during the summer months.

Too much moisture also causes the roof, specially made of wood, to be absorbed and induce the process of condensation that can drip down and cause damage or a leak. 

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Qualities to Look For in a Good Roofing Material

Homeowners should not be shy and ask about good quality materials used in roofing. If you are living in or near Killeen, a highly recommended contractor like Killeen Boom Town Roofing Contractors, makes sure the quality of your roof is of adequate if not the best material to be used in your certain situation.

Red Roofing

Some materials that should be used for a good quality roof are cedar shakes and American super shingles. Other materials that should be used include iron slates, tile, steel, tile and asphalt shingles. Make sure your contractor is knowledgeable and updated to new trends when it comes to roofing as it is one of the most important parts of your home. Without it, you are mostly exposed to the mercy of nature. All your concerns about the quality of materials and other aspects of your home related to roofing are taken care of by Killeen Boom Town Roofing Contractors.

Quality Red Tile Roof

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Home is the most important place in one’s life. It is a place where we live. It provides protection from the harsh elements of the world. Thus, you must take proper care to maintain and protect your roof.

Before you hire a contractor for your roof repair, it would be helpful if you know some details about your own roof like material used, how old it is and any recent events that may have affected any part of your roof. You may also consider knowing about the signs that your roof needs a repair.
Call a professional before proceeding with the repair work and do not let anyone work on your roof without proper assessment. That is why the best contractor around Killeen, Killeen Boom Town Roofing Contractors, is always available to help you with the most reliable and advanced roofing and consultation service. 

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