Top Benefits of TPO Roofing for Commercial Roofs

There are several Benefits of TPO Roofing when compared to other commercial roofing materials. It is because of these advantages that TPO roofing has remained extremely popular for many, many years.

TPO and EPDM flat roofs are common choices for businesses in Killeen, Texas, and that’s no accident. 

To begin with, Cost – TPO roofing remains a viable option for business owners, as it is relatively low in cost. On average, TPO roofing ranges from $5.00 to $7.50 per sq. ft. installed.

And then there is the Durability -TPO roofing is incredibly effective in resisting bacteria, debris, algae, and dirt, as well as ultraviolet and chemical exposure. 

Plus TPO’s flexible membrane allows it to withstand punctures & tears.

You can’t ignore the fact that there is a very Simple Setup – Due to TPO’s lightweight and flexible properties, it is much simpler to install.

And, it is very Energy Efficient – The energy efficiency of TPO roofing attracts commercial building owners.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

Leak Protection -TPO is the only roofing material which offers secondary water resistance (AIA ratings up to R33) and superior thermal properties. TPO’s composite nature, water and snow protection (although not that we need snow protection in Killeen all that often), and light weighting mean that it can be applied in places that don’t get many rain storms, snowfall, and sunrays, which minimizes TPO roof failures during years with limited precipitation.

UV Resistant -TPO roofing offers superior UV resistance and reduced glare. This makes TPO Roofing the most suitable roofing material for curing in direct sunlight. Durable and Robust -Sophisticated, top-grain, waterproofing makes TPO roofing truly durable and flexible, and can withstand potential abuse.

Advantages of TPO Roofing

Recovery -As its name suggests, TPO roofing recovers quickly when it is damaged. Reliability -TPO roofing material can be used for the majority of applications. TPO roofing material is extremely durable with high structural integrity. Color Compliance -Though TPO roofing material is heavier than conventional roofing material, it is lightweight.

Disadvantages of TPO Roofing

Installation Issues Usually, contractors take a long time to install roofing materials. As such, downtime is taken for repairs or replacement of the roofing materials. Integrating Fixtures with TPO Roofing No matter how rugged, TPO roofing is prone to peeling or peeling down. Moreover, it might corrode and rust.

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In fact, the warranty period of TPO roofing is typically 1-5 years only, which hardly covers the durability of TPO roofing. Given that TPO is relatively expensive than regular roofing materials, entrepreneurs often choose to opt for regular roofing materials. However, when you are confident that your roofing material is durable and resistant to corrosion, as well as to UV light and moisture, then you must opt for TPO roofing.

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The low cost, weight, and durability of TPO roofs is what makes them highly attractive in today’s business environment. The benefits of TPO roofing are no longer myths; they have been proven by real life case studies. In fact, TPO roofing has helped businesses both large and small to improve their earnings, save on operational costs, and boost productivity.

Business owners have taken to using TPO roofing for its many beneficial features and the reduction in the overall cost of their buildings. Another remarkable benefit of TPO roofing is that they look modern and look different from ordinary roofs, especially the likes of metal and regular polyethylene.

Regardless of where you are in the construction process, the last thing you want is for your roof to be damaged by the elements. Moreover, there is always a chance that storms could affect your region. However, if you employ the TPO roofing method, you may save money and be able to avoid some common issues that can result in damage to your building’s roof.

With TPO roofing you do not need to choose between a high level of durability and energy efficiency. TPO roofing is able to provide both. Killen Boom Town Roofing Contractors will always do their best to offer you the best in service and TPO roofing.

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