Located in Central Texas, Troy is a city with a lot of history and culture. The city was founded in 1891 and was named after General George E. Spencer, the Civil War battlefield hero who served as the commander of the 6th Corps. A native Texan and engineer by profession, Spencer played an instrumental role during the American Civil War. His renowned military leadership skills earned him fame and the post of the Inspector General of Cavalry. He later went on to serve as the Governor of Tennessee from 1845 to 1847. In addition to his military achievements, he also had notable political career. He was a U.S Senator, Speaker of the Senate and Secretary of War under President Andrew Jackson, who appointed him as his Chief-of-Staff in 1835. Today, Troy is home to over 88 000 inhabitants and has found its niche in business too! It boasts over 300 businesses—both large and small—with more opening every year! What are some major businesses based in Troy? Read on for details!

It is an interesting fact that Troy, Texas is one of the few communities in the United States that was established before the American Civil War. While most settlements were destroyed in battles and massacres, this settlement survived. It would be another century after it was abandoned before it began to thrive again. Today, it is a thriving community with a population of over 37,000 people.

If you’re looking for a great place to call home near the city of Belton, you’ve come to the right place! Troy is known as the Greenbelt City because of all the parks and green spaces that are located throughout. While there are many benefits to living in a green space city, one of the biggest perks is being right next door to Lake Texoma. In fact, this lake is so close that it can be seen from some of our nearby neighborhoods. That means you never have far to go if you want to escape into nature or if you just want some fresh lake air! Whether you’re just moving here or looking for new friends and family members, there are so many reasons why having roots in Troy is a great idea. Read on to learn more about this thriving community!

Troy is known for its very successful oil industry that was established during the early 1900s when several drilling companies began operations in this city. Many service companies have also been established over time that offer services such as pipefitting and lubrication engineering to oil wells. There are now many small businesses operating from homes throughout the region that sell items such as homemade soap, baked goods, crafts, souvenirs and more.