Sparks is a thriving town on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas. It has a population of about 12,000 people and it’s pretty much known for its shopping centers and hotels. There are some restaurants in the area as well, but not many. What makes Sparks stand out from all other towns in North Texas is the presence of The University of Texas at Arlington. The university is home to over 48,000 students and they are so much a part of the community that they often go by another name – Cowboys!

Sparks gets its name from an electrical-like sparks created by lightning or static electricity in the air. This town was founded during World Why? A Dallas-based company named American General Financial Corporation wanted to build a factory near Fort Worth where manufacturing could take place year-round instead of seasonally. They bought 100 acres and started construction in 1912. Over time more land was purchased and the town grew into what it is today.

Sparks, TX is located in Central Texas, about an hour southwest of Austin near Belton area. The city is small and home to fewer than 10,000 people. However, as a thriving hub for technology in the area, Sparks has benefited from its close proximity to top universities such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. This has led to a booming tech sector with numerous companies firmly rooted in the community.

Sparks isn’t an ideal place if you’re looking for a large selection of available rental homes – there are only seven rental properties within the city limits. That said it’s an excellent base from which to explore other nearby towns and cities. Traveling east will take you into San Marcos where you’ll find many more rental options as well as restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

Sparks is a growing, active town of about 12,000 residents in East Texas. It’s known for its abundant natural resources and unique local culture. The town derives its name from the large number of lightning strikes in the area, which are called sparks when they ignite grasses and trees to start new growth.

Most people know Sparks as a great place to live and raise a family, but there’s more to it than just that. Instantly move into one of the area’s best bargain real estate markets with high-demand housing, especially for homes on smaller lots. That creates a positive impact on everyone who lives here—and likely makes you feel welcome too!