Heritage Park 


Belton is approximately 75 miles northwest of Dallas and 30 minutes from downtown Fort Worth. The city was established in 1866 as a stop on the cattle trail, but has grown into an agricultural and commercial center. Belton’s location at the convergence of two major highways makes it a great choice for business travelers wishing to reach other cities within a short timeframe. It is also home to the Robert E Lee Memorial Forest, which provides residents with hiking trails and picnic areas. Belton’s Heritage Park offers visitors a chance to learn about the town’s history while enjoying nature.

The park is one-third of an expansive community revitalization project called Belton Place that will add new parks, streetscape improvements, and residential neighborhoods when completed in 2021. This article details what you can see and do at Heritage Park in Belton.

The Historic Belton Plantation and Heritage Park is one of the most important historic sites in North Carolina. The park, which features a rare example of Southern plantation life along with historic buildings and landscapes, dates back to the early 18th century. It is home to over 200 historic buildings including slave quarters, a blacksmith shop, grist mill, schoolhouse, tobacco house, warehouse and much more. Over the years many of these original structures have been restored and several have been renovated.

The park’s significance is further enhanced by its association with some of North Carolina’s most prominent families including the Cabarrus family and General William H. Hatch who laid out Belton’s town plan in 1857 along with landscape architect Horace Cleveland who designed its public gardens (also known as the Blossom Garden) between 1870-1873. Today there are only five other garden properties like this in the country!

The city of Belton is best known for its annual rodeo, but did you know it also has one of the most beautiful and historic parks in Central Texas? Located right on the banks of the Blanco River and bordered by State Highway 16, Belton City Park offers visitors a variety of experiences within its 434 acres. The park is home to natural trails that take visitors through old-growth groves and forested areas, hardwood bottomlands and even a restored prairie with native plantings. With so many features, it can be easy to forget there’s more to this park than just a place to let your kids play. But with these 51 fun things to do at Belton City Park, you’ll have plenty of options for staying entertained all day long!