Crusader Stadium 


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We appreciate all of our fans, no matter how big or small they may be. For that reason, Crusader Stadium is an all-ages environment with activities and entertainment available before the game starts. Belton is home to one of the oldest public high schools in Texas. The school, also known as Crusader Stadium, opened in 1887 and has seen many upgrades over the years. Today, Crusaders has more than 2,000 students attending the school each year and it continues to grow.

The school’s location makes it a great place for soccer and football fans. With an average high temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit, Belton is a comfortable place to watch sports outdoors if you have a nice view of the field. However, be sure to bring plenty of bug spray during summertime because those pesky bugs will be around all day every day until fall arrives.

Today, Crusaders High School is part of the Belton Independent School District (ISD). The school is led by Superintendent Dr. Darrin Gray who was appointed as principal on July 1st 2018. He takes over for Dr. Tim McDougal who has been serving as principal since April 2013.

Crusader Stadium is home to the Blue Springs Central High School Knights. Constructed in 1949, Crusader Stadium is one of the oldest high school venues in Missouri. The stadium itself was built as an extension of Belton High School’s football field. Historical records show that Belton High School had its first game on September 27, 1900 against Rock Bridge High School. It was not until 1950 that a new stadium was constructed for Crusader Football. Today, Crusader Stadium can accommodate up to 2,100 people with grandstand seating on two levels and standing room in the northeast corner zone.