Bell County Museum 


The Belton Museum is home to a collection of artifacts, antiques and art that tell the story of the city. In addition to its permanent exhibits, the museum offers special events throughout the year. If you are interested in history, we suggest you visit the Belton Museum first hand.

The most popular attraction in the county is its history. What better way to understand it than through first-hand experiences? There is no better way to get a feel for the past than by visiting local museums and historical sites. The county has numerous museums that tell stories from across its past.

The Belton County Museum, located at 1820 Broadway in Belton, features exhibits from the rich history of the area and surrounding counties. The museum also serves as a resource center containing artifacts and documents that tell the story of Belton County, its people and its people’s ways of life. It is housed in an historic residence built in 1878 with many original architectural details still intact.

Since its establishment on May 25, 1974, the museum has grown into one of the most popular attractions in the county due to its extensive collection of artifacts, photographs and videos highlighting the area’s rich history. It also offers hands-on activities that engage young visitors while letting them learn about their heritage through role-playing games and other interactive activities such as head hunting for Civil War soldiers.

The Belton County Museum is a small museum in the historic county courthouse building in Belton, Texas. The Museum is run by volunteers and operated through a 501c3 foundation. It features an antique general store, a railroad depot and other buildings from local area businesses that have closed in recent years.

The Museum contains many Old West artifacts, including Western clothing, guns, Indian artifacts and more. There are also several exhibits about the history of Belton County. The Museum also rents restrooms for weddings or other events.

The Belton Museum is home to an incredible collection of artifacts and art. The museum has a variety of permanent displays, including Civil War artifacts, pioneer life and a collection of African American buttons.

Museums like this are always great for learning about the history of your town or country. For instance, did you know that there was once a famous battlefield near Belton? Or that Belton is home to one of the first churches in Texas? Find out more about your hometown with a visit to the Belton Museum today!