Baylor Scott & White Clinic 


Scott & White Clinic is a leading regional healthcare provider in Belton area. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional care and services that allow our patients to live active, healthy lives. We believe that with the right care and support, people can achieve their goals. This belief drives everything we do as an organization – from the way we work with each other to the quality of care we provide to patients.

As part of Scott & White Healthcare, we operate hospitals, urgent care centers, imaging centers and other outpatient facilities throughout the state of Texas and offer a full array of medical services at more than 80 locations across the country.

We offer a comprehensive array of services and programs that are designed to improve the health and well-being of our patients. Through our primary services — which include Internal Medicine and Family Medicine — we provide access to high-quality healthcare for residents in North Central Texas. Our location in Belton is convenient for residents who live in or around the city.

Scott & White Clinic is a hospital system in Belton, Texas. It is part of the Scott &White Health System and has about 3,000 employed physicians, 1,500 nurses and 600 other employees working for the system. The hospital system also includes 37 nursing homes under management.

The primary focus of the Scott & White Clinic is primary care along with specialist services. There are over 50 different locations in West Central Texas that have clinics and hospitals under the umbrella of Scott & White Clinic. Most have their own identity but there are a few that have a unified brand image to make it easy to find them.

This article will provide an overview of how the hospital system operates and what its current challenges are as well as possible solutions to those challenges.

Baylor Scott & White Clinic, also known as Baylor Whitacre Clinic or Belton Clinic, is an integrated group of several well-established not-for-profit healthcare providers located in Belton. It operates as an independent hospital offering a wide spectrum of medical services that vary from specialty clinics to primary care physicians.

If you’re planning to relocate your family here, then this might be your perfect calling. At Baylor Scott & White Clinic, our residents benefit from comprehensive healthcare services that are conveniently accessible at their local clinic locations across north central Texas and eastern New Mexico.

The Baylor Scott & White Clinic in Belton offers quality care, modern facilities and a wide array of services to meet the needs of our patients. From primary care physicians to specialists, we have something for everyone at our clinic. Our team provides residents with exceptional care in their own communities and promotes patient-centered care through convenient locations in different parts of the city.